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  • Proxy Drug War in Columbia

    This story is about a war that is below the radar, a real war in South America funded by the U.S.. This clip picks up where we have dropped into the jungle with Colombian soldiers, called “Junglas,” to raid a cocaine-manufacturing lab. (Shot in Colombia & Venezuela. Total running time of clip: 1:59)

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  • Suicide Tourism

    The story is about the phenomenon of assisted suicide. This clip begins with a woman in Great Britain who has sued for the right to have her husband help her die. (Shot in Great Britain, Switzerland, Montana. Total running time of clip: 2:52)

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  • Loneliest Road in America

    On this story, a cameraman and I spent three days along Highway 50 in Nevada to chronicle whatever characters we could find. This clip begins after leaving a U.S. Navy station in Nevada’s desert from which mock ground attacks on simulated enemy targets are staged. (Shot in Nevada. I am both correspondent & producer. Total […]

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  • Stem Cell Revolution

    This is a three-part series about recent advances with adult stem cells, which means researchers and doctors don’t have to use controversial embryonic cells. The series encompasses everything from heart disease to cancer, but this clip is the beginning of a segment about a long-blind woman whose eyesight has been restored. (Shot in North Carolina, […]

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  • Indian Trust

    The story is about the Indian Trust, which has deprived Native Americans of their rightful payments for the oil and gas assets beneath their land. This clip begins with one such Indian in Montana. (Shot in Montana, Arizona, Utah, Kansas, Washington DC. Total running time of clip: 2:47)

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  • Vietnam’s Lingering Ghost

    This is a story about the legacy of Agent Orange, which the U.S. sprayed on jungles in Vietnam during the war, to defoliate trees and expose enemy movements. After visiting the homes of three generations of victims, this clip takes us to a hospital where some of the most grotesque young victims live. (Shot in […]

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  • Autism

    Although the question about a connection between childhood vaccinations and autism has long been argued, this story looks further, into government hypocrisy when it comes to compensating victims of “vaccine injuries.” This clip is the beginning of the second half of the two-part program. (Shot in New York, Tennessee, Arizona. I am both correspondent & […]

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  • Final Space Shuttle Launch

    This is from my live broadcast of the last launch of the space shuttle. The clip is edited: it starts near the beginning of my 2-hour show, then the end….where after 30-plus live launch broadcasts, I’m a little choked up myself. (Live from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. I am my own producer. Total running […]

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