Greg Dobbs – A Speaker With Unique Experience

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Greg Dobbs is a brilliant storyteller. Someone I always counted on to file the smartest, most interesting reports. He delivers once again with Life in the Wrong Lane.”

~ Rick Kaplan, former Executive Producer, CBS Evening News, Executive Producer, ABC World News, President, CNN

  • The Middle East
  • Russia On The World Stage
  • The New Media
  • And other topics covered in more than 40 years as a television journalist with boots on the ground, literally around the world.

Who can talk with authority about the world? The whole world?

A diplomat whose shoes are as shiny when he leaves a foreign outpost as they were when he landed?

A politician whose only contacts overseas were chosen to make him a happy man when he heads home?

A pundit who never leaves home?


You want someone who has had “boots on the ground.” And gotten them muddy while he was there. That is how veteran network news foreign correspondent Greg Dobbs has spent his life.

Now, he can talk to you and your group about the state of the world today.
Why does Russia want to be back on the world stage, and what’s it doing to get there?
What mistakes have American officials made— and do they still make— in the Middle East?
Where are critical regional powers like Vietnam, and South Africa, headed?

He also has been well-received as a moderator for forums, conferences, and general meetings.

Greg’s Topics

Greg speaks to every subject— “The Middle East,” “Russia on the World Stage,” “The News Media,” and others— on the basis of more than 40 years “on the ground.”

He has covered the U.S. and more than 80 countries around the world (and, space) as a long-time, Emmy Award-winning correspondent for ABC News (on World News, Nightline, 20/20, and Good Morning America), then for HDNet television’s quasi-documentary program “World Report.” He also anchored live coverage from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida of more than 30 launches of NASA’s space shuttle.

Greg can speak specifically to any of these subject areas, or take audiences on a tour of the world by combining them (along with other parts of the world) into a single talk.

Greg Dobbs – Clips From a Speech